PilotMAB aims to develop activities of research, training and education in the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Reserves of the DRC within the rainforest biome. The function of these reserves as models for the reconciliation of nature conservation, economy and welfare will be strengthened. As such we will contribute to the sustainable development in the area of the reserves, but, because of the model function, also regionally. As Biosphere Reserves are internationally being considered as laboratories for global climate change research, we will focus on carbon budgets of the different forest types, through analysis of tree recruitment, growth and mortality. Forest resilience will be addressed through tree trait analysis, completed with pedological and entomological observations. Training programs will contribute to the capacity building of African researchers and will work on strengthening the managing capacity of the Biosphere Reserves. An educational program will translate research and model function of the Biosphere Reserves to schools.
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